by Morphine Carnival

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Raspberry is the official best of collection
it features 2 new recordings
"ascension of the sephiroth tree"
originally intended as the intro of the immediately abandon cd32
as well as a demo recorded on my cell phone "the man on the rooftop"
which is the final written Morphine Carnival song

the original concept included 36 albums as a pyramid of music

my future plan is to return to Jerusalem, Israel in February 2016
to further pursue spirituality and prophecy.

disc 1 (79:54)

ascension of the sephiroth tree 5:50
lunatichuman 3:02 ((add intro))
in a strange and Oblique Tune of blizzard 6:54
///mirrors mirrors/// 4:01
endless reaching out of the yearning 4:09
Lhuna, Aiercapeisas 6:53
cacodyl jackal 5:21
association smile 3:28
rune MIST virus 4:46
black Ash and Waves in the Ocean 4:34
ladyboy starlight 3:03
bed of roses 3:59
rivaux 3:59
WWIII on pay per view 4:24
black magic wax garden 6:59
the darkness sickness color blindness 3:31
fantasy in the flesh 4:52

disc 2 (80:00)

miss magazine 4:33
Lois de Pelar, Julianuetta Xviii 5:36
vanilla bean 3:19
autumnfallz/terrapin theme 4:56
!!!blitzkrieg!!! a blood thirsty bombs !!!blitz!!! 6:11
turn me on turn me off 3:37
の博物館 khỏa thân bảo tang 2:50
deserts of jesters and midnight belongs 3:17
lacedia 2:49
(*(*(little girl)*)*) 4:23
anywhere the four winds may blow 4:50
dactylo dä'dä 4:36
traipsing the lines that entangle my mind 4:01
ariels swirl and swing in the zebra skin colored sky 4:54
medusa's son 3:35
the orphan (a spiritual ecology) 3:17
mr. mushroom balloon 4:18
making the music that makes the world go round 3:18
young and hungry 5:40

disc 3 (79:55)
({(blue hearts)}) in shades and fazes of ({(ultraviolet color)}) 4:31
swept to devotion by alluring admire 2:44
worlds apart 5:49
jellyfish in the great emotional abyss 4:59
bloodiest deathblow 4:01
virgo in flore1:24
if looks can kill 2:12
lips like velvet sand 3:34
hollywoods children 4:56
avalon of the anarchy 4:43
(icarus wing) glow of a dark globe 5:19
aestival xenocryst 4:34
phantasmagoria 2:58
high stakes at human horse races 4:03
as any lady dizzy blissfully ~ suite I 7:06
as the moon dictates directed ~ suite II 6:29
the white house charity ball 3:12
surreal love 4:48
the man on the rooftop 2:18

disc 4 (80:00)

over the hills 4:26
illusion delusion 4:04
an arctic moon and the amber colored tide 4:21
hard rock lolly pop 3:37
vinyl dreams 5:17
every flower in the sea 4:48
love intended 3:47 (((cut intro)))
welcome to the show 4:57
eugh maggots meat this year 1:37 (((cut)))
ball and chain 3:25
a tranquil night 4:26
rubber room blues 3:30
no one ties off alone (in the attic of my room) 4:29
daddy long legs 5:53
all around the spiders web 5:40
traffic lights (the electrical acid experiment) 4:29
at the peep hole creep show 6:03 ((4:20)) fade
twirl my girl 4:26 (((3:49))) cut
lunatic fringe 2:19

disc 5 (79:49)

it's a full moon again 4:19
epic epileptic 4:11
drip world 4:19
boxer 4:29
circling night 4:02
static waves collared chains 8:27
merry x-mas 4:12
soul for days 3:53
plymouth decay 2:51
survivor in market square 6:33
overboard 5:19 (((4:58))) outro cut
short drive 1:55
loves cinematic suicide 4:17
blockhead 3:44
dead rock star 4:19
end of the world 6:33
solipsis in comatose 3:22


released October 21, 2015

Zachary A Jacoby



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