Déjà Vu

by Morphine Carnival

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my 30th album. not so much a new beginning as it is only to bleed the vein. the future is open
i have planned a trip to Philippines May 31st - August 30th.
only spending time exploring with my sweetest love.
UPDATE... returned early from Philippines 7/14/15... i had spent time helping finance the homeless to have homes and buisnesses of their own and exploring, me and my sweetest love separated after 3 weeks and i am possibly engaged to a girl who gave me massage, facials, manicure and pedicure during the trip... rough journey~ and now I will think on a new project before a return trip to Philippines...also like to think on other trips in Europe and Africa and so on... so many places to go!

I think every song is worthy of existing in the way that I have placed it. I don't think I wanted to take it down... to take myself down the way I have...self defeat was not bitter... it was sweet. but I have been true to my talents for the sake of a little more and there is no real reason for distaste over a little more other than for the sake of being quite full or even bloated as the buttons burst into the eyes of the waiting staff as they in their stance ever awaiting one last chance for some blooming furnace hot and ice frozen cold romance.

and as i did squeeze the last effort into my receding storage space of my alesis hard drive and master link... pinching one more strand of dna from my effects board... and cramming as much music into my onyx board which have served me since my 14th album after replacing the previous korgs on 1-9 10-13... and plucking one more effect from my very classy keyboard that i have used since my 18th... as well as my fender toronado which has been my primary electric guitar since album 1. still not favored over my acoustic Gibson replacing my big red Oscar Schmidt which had been my first.
if i was ever to recreate a conceptual musical experience... i would be forced to seek out new equipment. . . ..unless if for only a few more for a best of compilation. something tells me I won't be here in a year...

during the making of this collection i have been working 2 full time jobs over 90 hours a week saving this year for my traveling and martyrdom or transgender wedding or whatever may come to someone as spiritual as myself. this year so far has been psychologically challenging... for the sake of my soul... my death... the future... direction...


released 18 March 2015

Zachary August Jacoby



all rights reserved


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