"​~​;​`​The Keys of Oijiuana​~​;​`​"

by Morphine Carnival

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29th album (total= 346 songs)

after the atom bombs were dropped in the 1940's an alien master race descended on planet earth to aid the vicious cycle of ceaseless violence and escalation that had been plaguing the human race. The aliens placed the humans into a trance like slumber and allowed them to enter a state of hibernation. They began introducing new ideas and new concepts. They created a new history, new music, new technology. They implanted lifetimes of works and wars and wonders. They gave us Elvis, The beatles, the moonlanding, LSD, Madonna, 911. They wanted to teach us a lesson. They wanted to infiltrate the barriers of our minds. Many of us could not accept this reeducation and drifted into never ending psychosis... believing they were somehow alive... yet unfulfilled participating in routine activities day in and day out and communicating with imaginary friends on social networks

In our hibernation... the aliens tried to undue the centuries of malnourished ideology... religions... philosophy... all the things that could do us harm and lead us astray.
The time is soon to come... when the human race will once again rule it's own destiny... the only thing you have to do... is wake up!
do you think you will find the way? to disconnect from a dream called reality?

Oijiuana is the planet... and the story of an unrealistic child who travels the world searching for the answers to the question that have riddled his mind since his birth. guided by the spirits within him he studies the clues left hidden within his dreams to reach for his sense of understanding and meaning in a seemingly idealistic and undisturbed world.

i wanna create a new concept album ... about ... crystals
and the future! and space ships and aliens and blue hair that looks like waves
and surfing to save the world!

but.... . . . why do we surf to save the world?

Join the young and talented Rudolph as he explores and learns new abilities in his search for the truth... in a world without god... in a world without pain?

still... there are moments... like flashbacks... that are quite frightening...

sometimes whispers... visions... things that should not be... . ?

ArekrRAe AHweeeeeeeeeeee )(&**&(E*((* *(P &&Y~**~*(~88YJ~Y~*(~&&~```````

the ``` ` re

and ... is there really such a thing as ancient mole people?

~;` - this symbol is symbolic of "the keys" which one would need to possess in order to remain within the futuristic kingdom.
They are the keys of life in that respect.

the keys are not physical keys... everybody has the image of the keys on their palms and on their butt if they are sexy
but there are actual physical keys that attracts information from anything marked with the image of the keys. it is a form of technological telepathy and brainwashing. The holders of the keys can alter peoples minds with their dreams and by speaking thoughts into their minds which people believe is the voice of the higher consciousness.

Rudolph finds a way to remove the keys from his palms but not the one on his butt... but it is enough to break the frequency of mind control. but he still has to struggle with sexual urges that are fed into his butt through the key that makes him behave more sexy and want to complete his transformation into a beautiful woman... which he already started because he developed breasts! and hormone therapy but he didn't have his penis cutt off which is what the keys are trying to manipulate him into doing.

the Crystals

the ~Crystals are these diamond spheres that are hidden in the depths of special cores in tunnels that lead to various angles of the center of the Oijiuana.

these crystals were harvested and made into jewelry for rich bitches who didn't deserve them because they aren't very good people anyways. but there is legend that some crystals may still be hidden deep in the dark caves of ancient mole people called ghews who had hidden from the aliens when they descended to the earth. Rudolph will travel to these 15 locations around the world to search for clues because he's attracted to these places because the crystals are there but he doesn't know about them! and he think the ghews are just a legend because that's what everybody says BUT THEY'RE WRONG!
and the crystals are connected to stars in space very far away all around the universe so when you get near the crystal you warp up and learn all this secret truth stuff and it's almost like it was there and the aliens didn't know!
so the aliens don't know everything even though they think they do! and it scares them because they are control freaks!
the aliens think everybody should just have fun! and have sex! and go surfing! like idiots! even though it's fun to be funny! but they are only doing this because they are slaves! and the aliens are doing other cool things that people don't even know about so they are missing out on everything just being idiots!

BUT THEN Rudolph uses the crystals power to send a lazer to destroy the physical keys! and then the people are released from the power and start breaking out of control and killing everybody and eating their flesh and raping little kids and forming gangs! and selling weapons of mass destruction in corporations and then fighting the corporations with terrorism and blowing up these buildings and then the holders of the keys summon the aliens! and the aliens come and they are SO pissed! and they start just. Zaping the @!$%# out of everybody! zAp! ZAP! ZaP! and everybody is dying by the thousands!

so then Rudolph hijacks an alien space ship! and he's flying into outer space for the first time! and he is going so fast! and he punches a hole straight through the moon!

and he is going so far and the voices in his head tell him where to go and finally he is going so fast his ship disintegrates and he is still wailing through space in a little space costume! and then things start going crazy around him and he goes into another dimension!

and then he realizes.... his space ship... was a sperm! and he is about to be born into a new world!
and that's why the aliens wanted to control the world and use everybody as sexual objects to motivate them for the great chase! because they have to compete to be born! and everybody who is not born eventually has to die.

and then Rudolph is born as a real live girl and not a transgender and everybody thinks she's cute and has a crush on her and she becomes an actress except... she's an octopus

in this world the warriors of future tribes surf to save the world.
there are many reoccurring natural disasters most commonly cyclonic hurricanes which spin in two directions because there are two layers one within the other. "the elitelect" warriors ride out to battle the waves and to this day have yet to be victorious. they are embattled in a cycle of bravery, tragedy and heroism.

it is believed that when the warriors are taken by the storm they are taken down to the center of the earth to be tortured by regret for their failure to protect the city. there is a prophecy that one day a warrior will defeat the storm and cast all fallen warriors from the shallow depths of despair and their souls will become multicolored stars that shine over the ocean for 10,000 years.

As the story begins Rudolfs brother Budjah is taken by the cyclonic hurricane... Rudolf is determined to find another way to release their souls though he often wonders if it is only a fairytale... there is a controversy in the inner uptown metro areas about the surf wars... many claim evidence that the prophecy is false! and they say the prophet was a fool! the prophet lost all his possessions in a gambling den and was known for feeding on his own dropping and drinking his pee to survive rather than conforming to a mundane lifestyle of hitting on girls that won't go out with him because he is not wealthy.

Budjah was the second born of seven brothers. the youngest Rudolph and second youngest who is a fortune teller are transgender.
There are no girls in Oijiuana because of environmental factors but select males are converted to female and are able to produce children. Though not through sexual activity they take an advancing therapy and the child is removed through a vaccum like surgery which sucks the infant out of the butthole at 6 months. the child is then taken to a lab to complete development.

this is why is it so amazing when Rudolph is reborn in another world that he is actually a real woman... and also an octopus. he grew up in a world with no real women! but one time a dead octopus was swept up to beach in the tide and he ate it.


released 08 November 2014

Zachary August Jacoby



all rights reserved


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