°​`​*​´°imp $h0w ฯ¤​{​Ω​}​^​θ^ the best of

by Morphine Carnival

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°`*´°imp $h0w ฯ¤{Ω}^θ^ is the official best of collection
the reissued version features the 6 disc best of including 106 songs including the new song "Shadow oVer Me" as well as "Raspberry" the 7th disc of "rarities & oddities" with scores upon scores of unreleased material with songs from some of my musical bros, cell phone recordings, classic interviews and more.

disc 1 (79:36)

Shadow oVer Me 1:01
lunatichuman 3:02
in a strange and Oblique Tune of blizzard 6:54
///mirrors mirrors/// 4:01
endless reaching out of the yearning 4:09
Lhuna, Aiercapeisas 6:53
miracle 5:17
association smile 3:28
rune MIST virus 4:46
if looks can kill 2:12
virgo in flore1:24
black Ash and Waves in the Ocean 4:34
ladyboy starlight 3:03
bed of roses 3:59
WWIII on pay per view 4:24
ariels swirl and swing in the zebra skin colored sky 4:54
black magic wax garden 6:59
the darkness sickness color blindness 3:31
fantasy in the flesh 4:52

disc 2 (79:44)

vanilla bean 3:19
autumnfallz/terrapin theme 4:56
!!!blitzkrieg!!! a blood thirsty bombs !!!blitz!!! 6:11
turn me on turn me off 3:37
a child of bright lights 4:14
の博物館 khỏa thân bảo tang 2:50
lacedia 2:49
deserts of jesters and midnight belongs 3:17
(*(*(little girl)*)*) 4:23
surreal love 4:48
anywhere the four winds may blow 4:50
({(blue hearts)}) in shades and fazes of ({(ultraviolet color)}) 4:31
traipsing the lines that entangle my mind 4:01
Lois de Pelar, Julianuetta Xviii 5:36
the orphan (a spiritual ecology) 3:17
black market slaves 6:03
mr. mushroom balloon 4:18
the white house charity ball 3:12
making the music that makes the world go round 3:18

disc 3 (79:48)

medusa's son 3:35
exXxcalibur 05:52
bloodiest deathblow 4:01
young and hungry 5:40
swept to devotion by alluring admire 2:44
cacodyl jackal 5:21
miss magazine 4:33
the Spiral vitality 04:47
hollywoods children 4:56
rivaux 3:07
dactylo dä'dä 4:36
avalon of the anarchy 04:43
(icarus wing) glow of a dark globe 5:19
clone syndrome 5:56
high stakes at human horse races 4:03
as any lady dizzy blissfully ~ suite I 7:06
body language bloodbath (in the aftermath of our deepest action) 03:21

disc 4 (79:45)

twirl my girl 04:26
the universe to be drifted for her the sun is lifted 04:12
patience, boredom, vision, breakdown 05:07
worlds apart 05:49
Metamorphosis: Optical Aura 09:08
as the moon dictates directed ~ suite II 06:29
love intended 3:52
aestival xenocryst 04:34
hard rock lolly pop 03:37
the cUred 02:47
tra la tra la tarantulas 03:54
jellyfish in the great emotional abyss 04:59
Tropiacee, Myztiquorijk 05:29
daddy long legs 05:36
zig zag xerosis 06:05
lips like velvet sand 3:34

disc 5 (78:19)

over the hills 4:26
illusion delusion 4:04
an arctic moon and the amber colored tide 4:21
vinyl dreams 5:17
solar mirror (lucid summer) 05:52
a pretty crooked one 04:12
every flower in the sea 4:48
welcome to the show 4:57
eugh maggots meat this year 1:37
ball and chain 3:25
no one ties off alone (in the attic of my room) 4:29
rubber room blues 3:30
a tranquil night 4:26
he's a dead weight burdon, murdered by change 03:46
all around the spiders web 5:40
traffic lights (the electrical acid experiment) 4:29
at the peep hole creep show 6:03
lunatic fringe in luxury hall 2:19

disc 6 (79:35)

it's a full moon again 4:19
epic epileptic 4:11
drip world 4:19
boxer 4:29
circling night 4:02
static waves collared chains 8:27
merry x-mas 4:12
soul for days 3:53
plymouth decay 2:51
survivor in market square 6:33
overboard 5:19
the worst song 04:35
loves cinematic suicide 4:17
blockhead 3:44
dead rock star 4:19
end of the world 6:33
solipsis in comatose 3:22

33rd album (((CANCELLED)))

update 5/14/16

? ? ? ((Coming Soon)) ? ? ?
Morphine Carnival `cd'. 33;,
°`*´°imp $h0w ฯ¤{Ω}^θ^
_____________`'.Shadow oVer Me;,
____________Do Not Wait For Love
_______tHe CowbOy & The diRty dAisy tWister
.________._...._the RISE of kAbALo
._____________Narc drama
.________-_____artificiaL Purge
_______eXotic dOOrs tO a TropiCal maZe
{A} roManCe After [a] DriNk (o)f the rOse \w/Ater
_______-__-____rUN fOr tHe wOlf
._________moTorcYcle fAiries
______--_____Orange uNder tWilight

update 10/5/2016 having returned from Africa and a spot in Paris... i am now engaged to my fiance from Namibia.

update 11/11/2016 my father James Merle Jacoby passed away at 64 years old. 2 months after my 20 year old kitty on 9/11/16.
Can't promise i will ever make the imp show... many beautiful titles... at least can be enjoyed without music...

update 11/30/2016 my namibian fiance was denied her visa to America so i am traveling 12/5/2016 to take her from there through Africa, Middle East, Europe or Asia... Australia or anywhere blowing in the wind together. She will wear the ring my father gave to my mother rather than the $15,000 i had originally chosen... this will be much better


released November 11, 2016

Zachary August Jacoby



all rights reserved



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